Moose's Dispute On Book Escalates

I somehow forgot to post this quote from Mrs. Chief Moose:

Moose's wife made that comparison at a news conference Monday, saying the chief's challenge to Montgomery County's ethics laws made him "no less of a man than Dr. [Martin Luther] King, Nelson Mandela and any other great person that stood for a principle."

Riiiight... except that those guys actually accomplished some stuff. You know. Besides appearing on TV and telling people to look for a white van. Which was wrong anyway.

This guy says it best:

D. Bruce Poole, a lawyer and member of the Maryland State Ethics Commission, said restrictions on book deals and paid speaking engagements have long been a staple of ethics laws around the country. "He can talk and lecture and write all the books he wants," Poole said. "He just can't take money for doing it. The First Amendment is about talking. It's not about making money."

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