"You haven't lived here if you haven't..."

Apparently, dined at the Vienna Inn, perhaps the nastiest "restaurant" I have ever seen.

Seriously, this place frightens me. It's absolutely filthy. It's dirtier than a music video with both Christina Aguilera and Tool. It's dirtier than the 20 dirtiest Waffle Houses put together (that may be stretching the case a bit, but still).

I'm pretty sure the chili dogs cost $1.50 because the chili is made from people. Plus, you get Washington's trademark charm (read: angry servers who bitch at you).

On second thought, maybe you haven't lived here if you haven't been to the Vienna Inn. Really. You should go there. Get the "chili mac", which is chili... on top of spaghetti. How do they fucking come up with this brilliant shit?

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