SEC Probing More AOL Advertising Deals

I could probably start a whole new hate page in regards to AOL; my anger with them dates back to the dumbing down of Usenet in '95, up through their capacity as inept overlord of many things I like, such as DC Comics and the Atlanta Braves, in into their current incarnation, a bloated corporation exacting massive layoffs after being exposed for illegal financial activities.

The people who made money off these shady deals live, of course, in the Washington area, primarily Northern Virginia (AOL's headquarters is located in Dulles). I have a couple acquaintences who have been with AOL for a long time; one has a multi-million dollar mansion in the area, and the other has a large house here and a second home in West Virginia (this guy is single, so that's just for himself). I'm not saying they did anything illegal, but their assets are a bit over the top for being middle-aged software engineers.

So, if you're wondering why housing prices are through the roof in Washington, consider the dirty money going around... perhaps you're paying more for your apartment becaues of AOL's (and other companies') illegal activities.

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