I'm going to have to start measuring the indoor temperature in Kelvin

God DAMN my apartment is cold. All weekend I was shivering; there's just not enough heat to warm the building. It hovered around 55 degrees inside all weekend.

It really makes me feel like a chump. I calculated what I've spent in rent on that damn place; it's $43,145 through January. Forty-three grand down the toilet... which, by the way, is not fun to use when it's that cold inside.

I guess that's the nice thing about Washington. If you're not earning enough to be in the upper class, they really let you fucking know it. I'm actually getting poorer by the minute... property values in Arlington have gone up 70 percent in the past three years. Seventy fucking percent! Can you believe that? It doesn't matter how much I save by living in a shitty Revolutionary War-era apartment with no heat; I'm never going to have enough for even a down payment my own house. Really, fucking, depressing.

Oh, and also, I have to do laundry, but the laundry room is in the building next door. Two years ago, I was doing laundry while there was snow on the ground, and I slipped going down the stairs and hurt my shoulder. That was fun.

Damn I hate it here. It's really sad... I've started looking at craigslist for other cities, just so I can fantasize about living in an apartment that has heat. (And a dishwasher. And washer-dryer. And is still cheaper than my place.)

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