Starring Marc Fisher as Everyone's Dad

From Marc Fisher's latest column:

My new toy, called TV-B-Gone, is essentially a universal remote control that does one thing only: It turns off TVs.


At the food court during the auto show at the Washington Convention Center, four guys were watching CNN Headline News when my kids and I sat down with our sandwiches. We zapped the TVs, and the guys immediately turned their heads from the screen to each other and commenced a conversation. A victory for social discourse!

On the other hand, when I dared to zap a couple of screens at the ESPN Zone -- yes, I know, this was an irresponsible risk of life and limb -- I did hear a couple of miffed heys. But it had to be done -- all in the interest of social science, of course.
UGH. This man is walking around town, turning off TVs that people are watching. Oh, but it's for their own good.

Somebody please, please, punch this man in the face. I'm begging you.

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