Let the eagle soar my ASS

We went out to dinner at our default favorite place last night, and I was hoping that Clarendon would be far enough away from "the shit" (to borrow a Full Metal Jacket term) that we wouldn't see any inauguration ballers.

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, of course. I'm not supposed to have to compete with 60-year-old couples, one wearing a tux and the other wearing mink, for a table at my favorite restaurant. Plus, the room was teeming with yuppies (to be fair, I guess it usually is). Worse, I think most of these were yuppie Republicans: the guys are pasty and often pudgy, usually wearing a dress shirt with the collar out over the sweater and khakis, and the girls all seem to have that fake-blond Jennifer Aniston hair, too much jewelry and makeup, and you can tell their chins are slowly starting to disappear. Scary.

Oh, and I know I've harped on this before, but would it fucking kill you people to wear a color other than black during the winter? Yes, we're all very impressed that you own a black leather jacket and/or expensive trenchcoat. Just like everyone fucking else. Let's try some different colors here, people. Stop being a wardrobe zombie.

I've got this retro Seattle SuperSonics jacket, bright green and yellow, that I've owned since 1991. (It was uncool when I bought it, then somehow lapped itself and became cool earlier in the '00s, but is now again uncool.) It's the warmest thing I own and is extremely comfortable, but it really makes me stick out here... because I'm the only one not wearing black. (Anyway, if you see an angry looking man wearing a green and yellow Sonics jacket, it's probably me, just FYI. Don't piss me off, because I'll probably blog about you.)

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