End of an Era

A month ago I posted about the monthly Guitar Hero competitions at Wonderland. If you need to be reminded, I am the four-time champion. My fingers are fucking magical. Someone left a comment that hit the nail on the head:

Actually, I’m just busting your chops. I’m glad that you make an effort to find things you enjoy about living here. I mean that.

So, yeah. I found a pleasant way to kill my time in a city I don't particularly enjoy. Good for me. Of course, it was only a matter of time before that was taken away from me.

The Wonderland competitions are no more. The hostess who organized them was fired. This is a travesty and apparently they’re signing petitions at Wonderland to bring her back, but, ugh. My monthly respite from DC drudgery is destroyed.

Asylum featured a Guitar Hero competition yesterday. I apologize to all (2) of the people who e-mailed me asking for details on the next competition. I didn’t find out about it until the end of the workday. Naturally, I won. That’s five championships for those who are counting. But it wasn’t the same. The competition ending at 1am instead of 9pm certainly had a lot to do with that. Don’t these people have jobs?

God damn it. Now what am I going to do with my Thursday nights?


  1. Wow. I was literally just coming back here to e-mail you this Washington Post Guitar Hero deliciousness, only to find that you have made a Guitar Hero post yourself already.
    Clearly, you need to get yourself hired at the Post.

  2. @bzzzzgrrrl:
    Rusty has to complete at least one journalism course under the tutelage of LSS before he is qualified enough to work for the Post.

    Then he could write a story about how under-25 males these days are so emasculated that they play fake guitars instead of real guitars, and how under-25 females are so into teabagging that they don't seem to mind how effeminate the men in their lives are.

  3. edthered-
    Although I feel like Rusty has already conducted a fairly rigorous independent study on the work of Laura Sessions Stepp.

  4. by the way rusty, i did check out The Woods.

    and it's god-awful. i don't hear a second of classic rock influence anywhere on that album. screw you for wasting thirty minutes of my life.

  5. If link above is broken, try this: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/posttech/2007/06/and_they_say_we_newsies_dont_h.html

  6. Don't go anywhere on Thursday nights from now on. Stay home and save money so you can move to Philly and start bitching about SEPTA, the sky-high murder rate, their lame society events that get written up in the Inquirer, and all the rednecks who live there.

  7. This is totaly bs. She was my favorite hostess and hooked me up. I actually used to hang out at one of the bars she worked at before hand. Apparently people can't handle edgy cool chicks. Go back to Arlington if you don't like it.

  8. maybe you could move to manassas?

  9. Sigh... I thought the service had been really bad this past week. And I had just decided to completely avoid wonderland on days when she didn't work cuz everything always fell to pieces when she wasn't working that night.