What the Hell!?

DCist was all over it. The first video of Metro performers. This is terrible. They won't even allow passive entertainment. It has to be the center of attention. What the Hell is "hand dancing" anyways? Don't most dances involve hands? The Macarena has hand motions. Is that hand dancing?

This is going to be former Interim Metro Director Dan Tangherlini's legacy. It's also why I hope someone punches him in the nuts.


  1. prior to watching the video, i thought it was going to be of a couple dancing ON their hands.

    that would have been mildly entertaining for a good thirty seconds, at least

  2. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. That was totally rad. It would put a smile on my face to come out of the metro and be witness to that. I'm always down for DC supporting the arts.

  3. Along the lines of my DCist comment on the story...

    I auditioned for metroperforms expecting to be able to provide some sort of passive entertainment to people that are waiting for trains. I'm a very experienced cellist, so I wouldn't be obnoxious and/or horrible (so I hope). I thought my audition went pretty well, as I got interviewed by a mob of reporters as I left the room.

    Being from New York, I always enjoyed listening to people play in the subway stations. Those people also received subsidies from the municipal government, so I never felt obligated to pay them. I just enjoyed the ambiance that the music provided in an otherwise dingy, dark station.

    However, I guess I was wrong in assuming that WMATA was looking for the same kind of street musicians that they have in NY. Instead, they expect to have to have a full-on spectacle (stage, PA, and all) right on the sidewalk blocking pedestrian traffic and demanding that the public swarm around and give their undivided attention.

    While supporting the arts is nice, I was expecting something a little bit more subtle from the metroperforms program. And I also bet the usual buskers that perform at these stations are pissed as hell.

  4. *Yawn* Two people dancing the jitterbug-- "Metro Retro." Granted, those hip cats looked good, but that's not how I want to be greeted after riding up Dupont's long ass escalator in the summer. In fact, NOTHING would be preferable.

    If Metro really wants to liven things up, bring back black-face somewhere on the green line.

  5. While I'm intrigued with our Highness' suggestion of a escalator ride to nothingness (wanna borrow my prayer flags, bro?), I am totally pissed that al ratso didn't get to play his cello. I mean, seriously CEL-LO??!?

  6. turn it on its side, and cel-lo, it's a bass!

    keep that g rockin.

  7. They were talented dancers but I guess I was expecting hand-jive or something. That just looked like shag to me.

  8. Yeah, I thought they would be on their hands, too... though when they said something about the 50s, I thought of the Hand Jive. I guess hand dancing means that they aren't dancing apart.

    Cute kids, but how about some street musicians?