A Miracle to End All Miracles

It was a clusterfuck at the Friendship Heights station this morning. The train heading towards the suburbs was put out of commission and had to be emptied. On the other side, trains were coming every five or six minutes leaving me and other city commuters no room to board. I was expecting to arrive to work a good 45 minutes late.

Then, after about five minutes, it happened. The Metro Faerie provided us with a brand new train. It wasn't listed on the board. It had no passengers. It just appeared out of nowhere. My fellow riders and I had a look on our faces that's usually reserved for winning the lottery. It was like we all just hopped on The Polar Express.

As an added bonus, the five minute wait and the ability to sit down and crack open the Post on the train left me time to check out Laura Sessions Stepp's next project. She's following a bunch of rich kids into South Africa so they can teach the impoverished locals soccer and, maybe, just maybe, hope.

LSS post to follow...


  1. Aren't you lucky? I let 4 trains go by at Van Ness before finally getting on. With all the people squished into the car, one idiot young woman sat staring at everyone with her legs and bag in the aisle even though she was petite and would have fit perfectly fine into her space. *Sigh* I should stop expecting more from people in this city.

  2. life cereal isn't a luxury, it's made by quaker oats.

  3. I especially loved how I left home early only to have my 13 minute ride from Dupont to Bethesda take me over 30 minutes. Gotta love these summer red line delays. They have become so predictable, I'm not sure why I was mad. Oh I know, I was reading the express and the poll about a fair hike. A FAIR HIKE??? ~in my best Jim Mora voice~

  4. I have the privilege of a reverse commute out to the suburbs. And everything in the direction was screwed. With all of the random delays and stops the train took, the 25 minute trip out to Shady Grove took me at least 45 minutes. It's like WMATA wants me to move out of the city and live in Rockville so I no longer have to put up with this crap anymore.