I Knew It!

Fellow commuters, surely you have noticed that the Metro trains are again coming in five-minute intervals instead of the usual two or three. You've surely also noticed that, as a result, to fit on a rush hour train you have to abandon any hope for comfort and pack yourself in like a sardine. If you're really unlucky your train's AC will be on the fritz.

Yes, Metro is fucking up again. The crack WaPo reporter on the Metro beat, Lena H. Sun, is all over it. Nothing like a good train shortage to make the busy summer months all the more interesting.

Also, the power outages I posted about yesterday. The one where Metro sent four (four!) trains to the Fort Totten station before realizing that maybe something was wrong with the station and not the individual trains. Those were caused by - wait for it - heat. Heat! Man, that's a relief. I mean, an oppressively hot summer day in Washington? That's the exception, not the rule. I am sure the rest of the summer will go off without a hitch.


  1. Bing-bong.

    Doors Closing.

    Prepare to Die.

  2. That makes me glad to be unemployed (I mean, on vacation).

  3. I hate King Friday ... why doesnt he get his own blog?

  4. Michael,

    Wha'evah! Wha'evah! [snaps his fingers back and forth] I'll do what I want. I roam with TWELVE gangs! And we only commit hate crimes!

    You ain't bad! You ain't nothin'! I ran for Congress and won. Then I had sex with an intern, killed her, and hid her body! What-evah, I'll do what I waunt!

  5. I love King Friday, and also wish he would get his own blog.

  6. If KF had his own blog, Rusty's already sparsely populateed blog would officially become a ghost town.

  7. It's bad, but ... when I lived in Japan as the son of a US Navy man, I once traveled four stops on the Tokyo subway without my feet ever touching the ground. It was so crowded, I had to get on my tiptoes to breathe, and while in transit, was literally suspended in mid-air on a speeding train.

    After that, Metro is kinda "meh."

  8. would you be happy any where else?

    have you ever been happy?

    the climate here is no surprise

    the only thing worse than the humidity are the mosquitoes

    deal with it
    or move