Surely my readers will agree that there are few pleasures as gratifying as sitting down and reading a good book. However, one should probably limit themselves to reading only when safe. In other words, not when you're driving a fucking bus.

Here's the dilly from a tipster:

It was taken by the intersection of Grovesner Ln and 355 (Right where you can get on 270). I was turning onto Tuckerman Lane, about 200 ft passed the other intersection and I kept looking back for the number of the bus but I couldn't catch it. It was taken around 7:15ish.

That makes this bus either a Maryland Ride-On or a J-line Metrobus. Either way, let's give proper credit to a truly stupid human being behind the wheel.


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  2. Truly stupid human being? Rusty, you're such a pedestrian.

    While you only read books on the metro to impress girls, this determined bus driver is risking life and limb -- and the lives and limbs of all of her passengers -- to read that fucking rainbow.

    Knowledge is power.

  3. Was the bus was in transit or just parked?

    And who's more distracted: the bus driver OR your tipster who was also driving while "looking back" for the bus number after using his camera phone to snap pics?

    Jesus, why am I defending Metro Bus. I feel dirty.

  4. reading is fun ta mentals!

  5. It must be tough driving those buses. Seriously it has to get boring.

    Or maybe they were reading the required "Bus Operations Safety Manual"

  6. Ha, yeah I see that stuff on 66 all the time. I have a pic of a guy (he was shirtless, at least) who was reading a porn magazine while in non rush hour traffic on 66, might give you a chuckle:
    Pron Reader