Yes, I Know About the Dead Birds

Yesterday was a bad time to be in Eastern DC as three stations were shut down due to poisoned birds. These sparrow corpses join high temperatures as a ridiculous inconvenience that can cripple the second busiest subway system in the country. Next thing you know East Falls Church station will be shut down by, I don't know, scary looking clouds.

Not a ridiculous inconvenience: someone dying at the hands (wheels? rails?) of a train. A commenter, "edthered," pointed out that Metro switched from killing birds to killing humans. Sure enough, there was a service alert on the Metro website saying the Ballston station was closed down to a train killing someone. Details are forthcoming. I'm of course not blaming Metro for this. Yet. This could have been a jumper for all we know.

I do not envy Orange Line commuters today.


  1. Dead birds are gross; a cornucopia of disease. Don't ever pick one up! Seriously though, I can understand the concern over the dead buggers however. Remember how miners in days past used to carry little birds in cages to test air quality. Dead bird = get the fuck out quickly. And in this day and age of terrorism....I would've fled from the dead birds too.

    Dead Metro passengers are gross too. I say he/she jumped. I’m sorry, but you’d just have to be really stupid or unlucky to fall on the tracks and get hit by a Metro train. Although I never ride the Metro, I hear the ribbed surfaces with big yellow stripes mean something…..

  2. "And in this day and age of terrorism..."

    "I never ride the Metro...."


  3. Glad I could entertain you DC hag, er, Lady. You must be really bored. Bitch.

  4. In this day and age of terrorism, you have to free up your time to make fun of douchebags. Oh wait, did you go to the White Stripes show this weekend?

    In any case, hooray for dead birds! Hate 'em.

    Boo for dead people. Hate 'em, but feel bad for their families. RIP.

  5. hippest of the hipstersJuly 30, 2007

    You want to know what is really sad? The white stripes were not the ones run over by the metro this afternoon.

  6. The Post was reporting that she walked to the end of the platform and jumped in front of the train. Hell of a way to go....

  7. I hate birds, I wish they would all die. Metro finally got something right!!

  8. Yeah, if this were cats I would probably crack open a bottle of California's finest sparkling wine.

  9. AnonymousJuly 31, 2007

    dc dude and dc lady are the worst.