Someone left this in the comments:

"I was walking home on Rhode Island Av., in front of the Catholic Charities Center for the Homeless, in a well lit area, and with a knife on my chest so I gave him all my money, then he made me empty my pockets and demanded only the cash; then, he said "go." As I got on to the corner of 6 St. and Rhode Island, and turned left I was shocked and froze to hear the same phrase, and I turned to look on the corner of my eye I saw that he was mugging to another guy in the very same spot were he intercepted me"

The whole story is here.

Please note how 911 put the victim on hold (!) and 311 (the shitty city service, not the shitty band) treated the victim with disdain. I've had my own terrible 311 experiences as I called to report flooding on Nebraska Avenue caused by a broken hydrant or broken water line. They asked for the closest address and I gave them the address for what was then the Swedish Embassy. They told me no such address existed and hung up on me.

The employees of the city, the people hired to protect you, could give a shit about you and your problems.


  1. Rusty is a douche ... and DC minorities who man the telephones suck

  2. why do the taxis all say "call 911"?

  3. Real estate people will try and create a rosy picture for you before selling you property in DC.

    They are all lying to you. Do not believe them. They are all full of shit.

  4. I wondered about the "Call 911" on taxis as well. Pretty sure if it's lit up, it's a driver's way of signaling to the public that he's being held up.

    But I still wonder why they make it so visible when it's NOT lit. I think it numbs people and if it ever were to be lit up, it's doubtful anyone would even notice.

  5. I've actually seen a few busses casually driving around with the "EMERGENCY -- CALL 911" lit up on the front of the bus where the route number and destination usually is.

    Makes me feel all safe and great about riding busses.

  6. I wonder how many international visitors or clueless other folks have called 911 to get a cab?

  7. I was grabbed on the butt by a young man at the bus stop across from Eastern Market Metro at 8 p.m. on a weekday, coming home from work.

    He grabbed another woman, a jogger, under her shorts.

    I got to 311 and they sent officers, who declined to take a police report, stating that they would do a notebook report they could bring up at a precinct meeting.

    One asked me why, as a woman, I did not have a man with me or drive my car, instead of taking the bus.

    I'm moving out of this city when my lease is up.

  8. I have a quick solution to all your problems. Whenever you are approached by a black person, just run. Run like hell. Problem solved.

  9. I think the taxi sign might just be like a public service, since some cities have emergency numbers other than 911.

  10. yea run muahhahaahah

  11. All black men are criminals and all black women are ugly ... God, can't they do anything right?

  12. No black women are fine. White women are the ugly ones. Not gay so I cannot comment on black guys. Sorry.

  13. Since it is painfully obvious the authorities cannot protect the people, they ought to have the decency to allow us our consitutional right to self-protection. We need conceal and carry in this city. No one is going to be safe unless he/she can lock and load. So the next time some thug pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends you to the hospital and you send him to the morgue. Carry a 9mm with an 18- round clip and dump it all into any hood foolish enough to rob you.

  14. Concealed carry permits would have eliminated this thug fairly well. Eighteen states now have castle defense laws.

    ~There is no legal obligation for the D. C. cops to shield any citizen from attack--court ruling.


    and here is what one brave heroine did recently with her gun:


    Found your blog from Michelle Malkin's posts.