If You See a Mob, Run.

Over the weekend seven people got shot in Northeast. Fortunately, amazingly, no one died. I guess the gunmen were aiming low. There was a big poo-poo over this since it happened during one of those wacky weekends where Chief Lanier demands an increased police presence by forcing every cop to work overtime. Back to the drawing board, Chief.

The violence in Northeast took a rather bizarre turn yesterday. There are now hordes of lawlessness shooting people in the back. That's right. Hordes. Two people were shot by an unruly mob last night. Again, no one died.

It feels like we're getting awfully close to another stupid "crime emergency." If some of those bullets had hit vital organs, we'd probably already be there. If, or when, people start actually dropping, it'll be interesting to see how Fenty handles it. He was the lone dissenting vote when the DC Council passed that stupid crime emergency legislation last year. If his administration is really driven by "vision" like he promised during the campaign, it will be interesting to see what new ideas he has to offer. If we get another youth curfew and more useless surveillance cameras, I won't know what to do with myself.


  1. No Expert, but....August 02, 2007

    actually those useless Big Brother security cameras have solved several crimes around DC and helped London catch a "horde" of terrorists. The Crime Emergency is a joke. Everyone in the world knows DC is a crime-riddled shame. Nothing can fix this town now. Maybe global warming will hurry up and bury us all.

  2. american university undergradAugust 02, 2007

    Such is life in the big city. If these shootings were happening in the middle of the work day I would be quite alarmed. At 3AM and 4AM nobody in their right mind would be walking the steets of NE or SE. So in a sense, you get what you pay for.

  3. Wow, a big city has violent crime. What a revelation. DC must suck, because in all other cities, people frolic around without a care in the world, unfettered by worries about crime.

    Hey shitbrain, crap like this happens EVERYWHERE ELSE! Perhaps not in Friendship Heights, where you live in suburban bliss, but in most big cities. Stop whining about DC as if were the only place that has problems, moron.

  4. If I cross paths with a mob of white frat boys more than likely I will not feel threatened and therefore will not feel the urge to run anywhere thank you very much.

  5. This reminds me of all those (previously unrealistic-seeming) movie scenes where the bad guys shoot and shoot and don't actually hit anyone.

  6. Terri you crack me up. When living in LA there were PSA campaigns telling people not to shoot off guns on NYE. Apparently they were hitting planes taking off from LAX. It seems ridiculous but that's what happens when you get millions of people together. DC, just so happens to be one of the shittier ones. Maybe if we had a good school system, reduced child abuse and provided better mental and physical health care, people wouldn't be so damn ridiculous. Otherwise...THAT"S LIFE RUSTY. And since you love guns so much i thought you'd be PRO "shoot 'em up"?!

  7. Anonymous,

    I am aware big cities have crime. I am just pointing out that Cheif Lanier expensive "everyone work overtime" policy is kind of useless.

  8. Rusty - Tell me son, what exactly do you propose as a solution?

    You mock any of the initiatives that the Fenty administration or Chief of Police come up with...so are you saying you want to see FEWER police on the streets? Will that make things safer?

    I'm not trying to defend the fact that there is an unnacceptable level of violence and gun crime in the District but as a DC resident, surely you are as culpable for the problems in this city as the next fella.

    You are clearly terrrified of working class people. I'd love to take you to an Old Firm game at Parkhead. It's not just DC y'know.

  9. tha real caucasoidAugust 02, 2007

    Should I be on a guard if I happen to see a large group of orientals approaching towards me?

  10. Rusty
    Interesting you mentioned surveillance camera's. Lat week there was a shooting in Baltimore. I think it was adrug deal gone bad. surveillance caught the incident and the subject's tag numbeer. Minutes late the suspect was caught. I don't think it the cameraa. I think it's the people behind the cameras.

    On another note a 23 year man was fatally shot last week near the 1500 block of Benning road. I heard the shots and hoped that no one was killed. But the interesting part of this sad story is I heard police sirenes not evan a second after the shooting. I have yet to find out if the shooter was caught.

  11. a large group of orientals approaching towards me


  12. If the gun ban is ever appealed, I propose that the pro gun people take up arms and walk side by side with police and bring law and to thos town. I'll hide out in my bathroom it has no windows.

  13. Was it a angry mob of armed midgets? Because that would be funny.

  14. But they had tiny, hilarious guns, which is why no one was killed.

  15. How will Fenty handle this situation? He’ll show up in a Fedora hat for a photo shoot of course! Does he ever really do anything else? He sure is purdy though.

    An increased police presence does little, if anything, to stop crime. All they do is sit their asses in parked cruisers (what I witnessed in my neighborhood during “All Hands on Deck” anyway) blocking the intersection. It’s not like they are really out in the community trying to curtail crime. And we pay their overtime (millions).

    Furthermore, if it was so easy to stop crime don’t you think DC would’ve, long ago, ditched the dubious distinction of consistently have amongst the highest crime rates in the US? Crime has been a way of life in DC for quite some time. SO my assessment is: there is nothing we can do, and we all will face eminent death by gun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Rusty is a douche .....

  17. Meanwhile, here's what the cops were doing...

    Friday night, my friend and his neighbor were arrested for having an open beer on their front porches. What a fucking waste!

  18. timmy loved judas priestAugust 03, 2007


  19. Can you now understand the Second Amendment:


    Right to Carry:


    and Castle Defense:


    When criminals do not know who is armed, AND the person acting in self-defense is MORALLY Right to do so, and shielded from frivilous law suits, then the common law-abiding citizens will be free to exercise their God given right to persue their happiness free from intimidation or worse.