Oh the people you'll meet...

I look friendly.

I'm not. Really.

But that stops absolutely no one from trying to befriend me during short encounters. In line at the grocery store. Loitering at coffee shops. And always, always on the bus.

Like I said, I generally do not like most people. However, I am always fascinated by the things that come out of crazy mouths, and I am too much of a good girl to actually snub the people who start talking to me. Which is how I learned the following:

- The White House is haunted by "Glorious iridescent many-colored globes of light... Like in Ghost Busters, but PRETTIER."

- "They" are killing the homeless and dumping them in Maryland. (It's worth noting this was when R. Guiliani was still considered a viable candidate).

- God shows Himself when you sneeze.

- Girls these days don't have enough babies. The world needs more babies.

- D.C. muggers have no respect anymore. Not like years ago when it was grownups. Now it's kids out there. Kids.


  1. Liz,

    You seem to feel put upon by people attempting to make conversation with you in public. Perhaps you are pretty?

    As someone who was born with a disability, but who made a sucessful life for myself in DC, I don't have to "worry" about anyone approaching me in public (especially men.) People will talk to me, but only if I make the initial effort.

    In other words, grow up and count your blessings--if you become disabled, you may never have to worry about being bothered again.

  2. Huh. Perhaps you're dressing too provocatively?

    It's lonely at the top, isn't it? ;)

  3. Not as lonely as I'd like.

    So you think wearing the cheerleader uniform in public is too much? Cuz we all do it back home in the midwest.

  4. Nope--You misunderstand me.

    I'm saying I don't have to worry about any "weirdo" speaking to me in public (like on a bus), because NOBODY approaches me because of my disability. (And I'm not the Hunchback of Notre Dame, just a person with a visible disability.)

    Occassionally I speak first and then I get a response, but usually nothing more. (One exception--People in my church are more friendly.)

    Liz, people approach you probably because they think you're attractive, and trust me, while that can be annoying at times, it's MUCH preferable to knowing no man finds you attractive enough to approach.

    Count your blessings and enjoy it while you can, even if it means the occassional bus riding schizophrenic is among the admirers... ;)


    P.S. Hmmmm, cheerleading outfit...hmmmm...never tried it--maybe I should... :)

  5. I'm sorry no one talks to you Sue. That sounds hard.

  6. ha..this post is funny. I've heard some weird shit myself since I moved here. I'm from Chicago and over the past 2 years of me living here.....I've desired to go back to the midwest.