OK, so yes it's been a while since I've posted. I'd urge you all to remember that the "Commission for Instajournalism on the Great Disdain for the District of Columbia" (a 501(c)3) has not yet been established--so for now, none of us are drawing salaries.

That aside, I have to recognize that there's been some fucked up shit going on here. I'm not talking about the occasional "blog wars" that erupt, or even ALL CAPS 'transplant scum' dude. I've never been in the business of comment moderation, because I think that sucks. I let people post all sorts of shit, including my personal information and photos. I've only deleted about two comments, and they were both spam.

But after looking at these threads of 100+ comments that say absolutely nothing, and I would imagine are all posted by the same person, I'm about ready to say enough is enough. I have no personal beef with M@ or even his commenters, but some of this stuff has gotten to be so unrelated to the point of the site, I know it's turning people off. Yes, you can just skip over it, but you can't have any sort of discussion in the comments if it's filled with hundreds of crazy nonsense shit.

I don't want to delete comments, but I'm going to put out the following notice. If you post anonymous shit that's completely unrelated to anything being discussed in the post--AND it's not even funny or clever, it may be deleted. I don't want to, and honestly I'd rather whoever is doing this just cut that shit out, but it's gotten stupidly annoying and I think we're all over it at this point.

BESIDES all you assholes, there's enough shit going on that we should have plenty of original material that doesn't involve the sexuality of some made up persona from England. I mean, really, what the hell is all that?

FOR EXAMPLE, let's discuss the Measles outbreak, which looks to be at least partly related to an employee at a Harris Teeter in McLean. Hope none of you went to UltraBar, or else you might get the Measles in addition to the clap.

I love WJLA, they have quotes like:
"Yeah it scared me!" added D.C. resident Kianna Wilson. "I'm about to go to Safeway and get hot dogs and hamburgers and I'm kind of scared I'm going to catch the measles!"

Woodbridge resident Pam Fitzgerald doesn't like what she read on the door of her grocery store. "It's a little bit nerve-wracking. I've got two young kids, an eight-year-old and a two-year-old, so clearly it's something I have to be concerned about with them," she said.

Hey, memo to you, your kids have been immunized!

Or maybe we can just hate on the Washington Post, and the 14th Street Corridor. In case you still didn't know, the WaPo loves 14th Street. Recession? What recession. The "Hip and Hungry" are hitting the streets!

At the same time as this, the WaPo is also telling us how people are tightening their belts. That is, instead of spending $250 a day on needless shit, they are only spending $100 on needless shit.
Denise Kimberlin and her husband, Craig, of Woodbridge are government contractors who make nice livings. They recently got raises. They don't fear losing their jobs.

Yet, something is driving them to change their spending habits. They have cut back by at least $250 a week on clothes, dinners out and other discretionary spending.
Good for you Denise and Craig. But look out, you might get Measles.

So yeah, how about we take some time to cut the abstract shit, k? I love the hate on $200/hr Yoga, I love the hate on all the various types of assholes who live here and make this place miserable. Hell, we can even discuss the god awful weather. I'm all about weirdness and strange humor. Hell, I posted a picture of Darth Vader with a Brita water pitcher with the WASA logo on it. But enough with this horseshit in the comments.



  1. It's about time. Thanks Marissa and Dave. I think negative comments toward "m@" are great--so long as they're on-topic and witty.

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  4. I like how this city turns every small viral scare into an health crisis a la the black plague!

    "Bring out yer dead!"

  5. Does this include that guy who keeps posting about how lame Sterling is?

  6. Are the shitty comments due to the shitty blog entries b/c there's not enough to hate about this area? I say area, but I really mean the western half of DC and VA b/c those are the only places talked about on this blog.

  7. Navel gazing bullshit go away. And I thought comment moderation left with Liz.

    You all suck.

  8. Dave, you don't have to censor or delete or comment mod, you quite simply have to turn anon comments off.


    It just looks like you equate volume of comments with level of interest.

  9. Could some aspiring screenwriter pen some new lines for this bore/boor Hoffmann to mimic over and over? Or, let's all post under his name. That should bring him the attention his parents failed to give him, and dilute his peddling of self-pity here. Everybody wins!

  10. I've got enough work at the moment without someone writing more stuff but thanks for your efforts, best if you concentrate on your own little life; rather than fussing over mine

    Unlike your parents, mine did a good job and also, I've used no self-pity here, show me where I have or shut up.

    Thanks sweetheart!

  11. Wow like someone doesn't understand commas and semi-colons. That great parenting, no doubt.

    "enough work." OBviously. Or we re-define "work."

  12. Wow, someone is a tedious anon bore with no life and a deep jealously of mine.

    Poor you.


  13. Keep checking back here, Narcissus. It's good for stats, sustains our superiority, and keeps you from messing with anything worthy.

  14. Check back? Have you not heard of the comment subscribe facilty cock face?

    Stats? Wow, a few visits means that much? Poor you.

    And you have no superiority, good greif, your wig is slipping and you're all at sea. Stop with pretending you ever had a chance dear old thing.

    And I'm always involved in something worthy.

    Thanks for your support though sweetheart!

  15. AnonymousMay 01, 2009

    "I'm always involved in something worthy. I am, I am. I'm always involved with something worthy! You believe me, don't you? Somebody? Mummy?"

    Dude, turn out the lights on your way out.

  16. Why are you talking to your mum?

    Silly boy.

    There isn't a light switch either, you seem to be deluded.