News Bullets, do the right thing Tuesday;

Jim Graham steps down from taxicab oversight. Huh? Graham (D-Ward 1) has requested that taxicab matters be moved from his Committee on Public Works and Transportation to the Council's Committee of the Whole. Previously, Graham had refused to do so and insisted his innocence. He is still claiming innocence, but now saying he wants to ensure no distractions. Well, Jim, I'm glad to see you are just now a bit concerned that a huge scandal involving bribery and potential murder plots could be a distraction. Who wants to bet that this move by Graham is connected to the fact that Ted Loza may be negotiating a plea deal? Will Graham be taken down by this? We'll see...

Shootout in Southeast leaves one man dead, another wounded. MPD responded to a shooting in the 4800 block of G Street, SE last night. An adult male was pronounced dead at the scene, and another male was found critically wounded. WJLA reports the surviving victim is a teenager. I believe this edges the homicide count up to 110.

Free swine flu vaccinations tonight. The District government will begin H1N1 vaccinations tonight for children, young adults, and pregnant women. From WJLA:
Two of clinics will be held Tuesday night at Cardoza (sic) Senior High School and Ballou Senior High School from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. The clinics will provide H1N1 injection or nasal spray vaccinations to children, young adults and pregnant women. Children from 6 months up to 24 year-old young adults are eligible for the vaccination.
There will be one vaccine clinic in each city's ward every week over the next month. The clinics will rotate between schools in the District on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
I'm too old to get one at the clinic, but honestly I don't want one. I have no scientific evidence to back this up, but I am concerned that it may turn people into reptilians.

Cafritz fire started by oily rags. Remember when Smokey the Bear or a creepy dude in a dalmatian suit told you to be careful with paint cans and oily rags? That they could start fires? Well, yeah, the giant fire at the Peggy Cooper Cafritz mansion was likely caused by rags soaked in linseed oil. The rags were used to treat patio furniture, and were improperly stored. Problems with water flow hampered firefighting efforts. The Washington Times has a piece about the trading of blame regarding the water problems.

Don Peebles says he might run for DC mayor. Good for you, Mr. Peebles, but move back to DC first and tell someone other than the Washington Business Journal.


  1. God...I swear DC is the Wild Wild, fucking West! I'm with you on the H1N1 front.....Reptiles or Flesh Eating Zombies who have that Rage disease.....

  2. Dave,

    Perhaps it's time to change the quotes on the WIHDC banner. Three reasons:

    1) Your posts contain no swear words, not even mild ones. As a result, the F-Bomb on the banner is out of place. Even the comments have mostly cleaned up since Matt and his crony "BLD" left. (Yes, I'm aware of the "Fuck" in the comment above this one. I said "mostly".)

    2) Your posts are nearly devoid of snark at this point, sticking to basically news points with analytical commentary. This further puts the banner out of place, as it is clearly a snarky comment about DC.

    3) The Bush administration has been out of office for nearly 10 months now. Let's retire good ol' Dick, and find a quote from Marion Barry, Fenty, or some other current administration crony.

    In fact, at this point, you should probably use the WIHDC URL to simply forward readers to a new site with a new name. The content is really that much different than what James F, Rusty, or even Matt were contributing. Not that it's bad, but it's definitely not hate.

  3. Yikes! There is a Council member making Barry look good?! Maybe Peebles can get in here and clean up this town.

  4. Yeah, I know, I'm growing very tired of the WIHDC moniker. That's why I did start a new site. I'm working on developing it further. I'm torn on what to do with this site. I have a few ideas for some 'funny' posts, we'll see if I have enough time to get to them. I'm doing about 100 million things these days.