Beware of secret herbs and spices

From the Post's Travel section:

The U.K. post office wouldn't mail the package because a new FDA rule prohibits the mailing of any food or drink to the United States as of Dec. 12, unless the sender had filed "prior notice" with the U.S. agency and got permission.

It's part of a law to prevent bioterrorism.


But no one at the agency could answer CoGo's questions:

• Can you trust a terrorist sending bioterrorist agents in food to honestly self-report?

• If a terrorist were refused permission to mail, say, anthrax in powdered sugar, couldn't he just mail anthrax in baby powder?

• Will baklava be treated with more suspicion than, say, baguettes?
Ahhh, good stuff. Incidentally, I'm going to Vegas this weekend (yes, again). I'm leaving on Friday. I wish I was leaving now.

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