Lead, as in coerce

There's lead in the water in D.C. The Water and Sewer Authority tested over 6,000 homes, and two-thirds had water that exceeded the EPA's set limit.

The best part is, WASA has known this was a serious problem since last summer, and they knew that at least a small number of homes had a problem as far back as 2002. They didn't start notifying homeowners until November.

Lead, as you may know, is not good for the kiddies. Brita can't help you, and neither will boiling the water.

At least the end of the article cheered me up a little:

Cleopatra Jones, a neighborhood advisory commissioner in Bloomingdale, east of Howard University, said some neighbors played down the risks because they buy bottled water.

"I said, 'Don't you brush teeth, shower and cook?' " Jones recalled. "It's got to be alarming."

Awww yeah! You best be listening to Cleopatra! I always knew she'd wind up fighting for the people. Too bad Detective John Shaft and Superfly TNT were unavailable for comment.

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