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So... very... bored. My office-mate and another co-worker spent, no kidding, 30 minutes talking about driving in traffic. It's my fault for taking a job as a computer scientist, I guess. Every time I try to talk at work about current events, or pop culture, or something, I don't know, HALFWAY INTERESTING, I get blank stares.

So to cheer myself up and try to feel somewhat relevant, I went to the Dupont Circle movie theaters to see The Cooler. Not the best multiplex ever; the theaters I was in had room for only about 50 people, and the screen was tiny and at an unnatural neck-stretching angle. The heating system causes the ceiling to crackle while it's running, and the sound from the screen isn't that great anyway. Which didn't stop them from charging $8.50 for a ticket and $8+ for a popcorn and coke.

Basically, it's not too different from Visions; if you love movies, it's hard to watch them this way.

In an attempt to dodge the cold, I stopped by the Four Courts pub in Arlington for a pint of Bass. Four Courts would be more authentic as an Irish pub if it wasn't filled with MBA yuppie scum. The choad next to me was showing off his wireless PDA and making himself feel self-important by checking his e-mail. Which I'm sure was necessary at 10:30 p.m. Then, for the next 20 minutes, he and the bartender discussed which satellite radio stock is better to buy, Sirius or XM. I think they thought it was strange when I started banging my head against the bar.

I must, I must... I must get out of this city. For my own sanity.

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