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Following the grand tradition of Washington, where doing a poor job is rewarded with more money, Waste Management's much-maligned recycling collection program gets a contract extension in D.C.

The Anacostia River is a toxic waste pit, unfit for swimming on 86 of 100 days in 2002, thanks to waste runoff from Maryland and D.C.'s antequated sewer system that tends to dump sewage in the river. Damn you Pierre L'Enfant!

More Metro cuts coming in the nation's third-worst traffic city.

One possible cut is to end weekend service after midnight, rather than the current closing time of 2 a.m., which was one of the few positive changes during the last couple of years. So much for trying to have a nightlife. Does any other city with a subway system close it down at midnight on the weekend? Take that, New York!

P.S. They're thinking of another fare increase too.

P.P.S. The cold weather once again severly hampered the system and caused delays all week. Which is OK, because everyone's work closed early, except mine of course, the bitches.

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