It's awesome, despite no sign of Bruce Springsteen's band

I have to say that one of my major complaints about Washington has been addressed: the need for a cool cinema that shows not-in-the-mainstream films, in a proper movie-watching environment. Ladies and gentlemen: I present to you the E Street Theater.

It's a cineplex located two blocks from Metro Center station. Thus, no driving required, although there is a garage next door if you insist on driving down. The theaters themselves are actually underground, but the architects somehow managed to pull this off without making it cramped. Some of the theaters even have stadium seating. All of the screens are regulation Olympic movie-theater size, so there's no feeling of "I'm watching a tiny screen at the end of a long hallway" feeling you might get at Visions and Dupont Circle. The sound is good; the ushers are friendly; Andale is within walking distance. Life is good.

Most importantly, the selection of films is incredible. I've already been to see Girl With a Pearl Earring, in limited release, and Bubba Ho-Tep, in extremely limited release. (They even had Bruce Campbell there in person on opening night. Unprecedented.)

This week they're showing Francis Ford Coppola's 1982 musical One From the Heart, now infamous for being pulled after just a couple weeks of release and for being a huge financial disaster. In the coming weeks, they'll show an amazing looking French cartoon feature and an experimental musical drama by Neil Young. Maybe someone could drag the President over to see The Battle of Algiers, since it's within walking distance of the White House? No, not likely? Oh well.

Anyway, I'm flabberghasted. All of a sudden we have a cool new multiplex showing some extremely rare releases and re-releases. The film buff in me is throwing a party right now. (Probably a pretentious wine-and-cheese type party, but a party nonetheless.)

Honestly, I don't know why I'm not there right now. I almost feel like I'm living in a real city again.

Well, maybe if it wasn't for that whole people don't get fired from their $90,000 a year city jobs for lying about going to college on their resumes thing. That makes me regret getting my masters degree; I could have skipped that whole process by simply lying. Oh James, when will you ever learn?

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