When in doubt, always blame the victim

A 14-year-old girl who had been questioned about murders was herself murdered execution-style. Then, the mayor's office inexplicably blew off the family of the victim.

"I got some very strange information from a city official," a reporter for a national magazine told me after receiving a call from mayoral spokesman Tony Bullock. In an off-the-record conversation, Bullock told the reporter, as he has told other news outlets, that Princess Hansen had a 1-1/2-year-old baby, that her mother had a parade of drug dealers coming through her house and that the mother had refused to cooperate with police.


We may yet learn that Princess was deeper into the gang scene than her family admits. But what we know is even more disturbing: The city reacted as if the Hansens are filth, and before helping Princess's family, it scurried to sully her name.
An even better passage about when the mayor finally did visit:

Just after 10 yesterday morning, four workers from the Sursum Corda Cooperative, armed with shovels, spades and salt, started digging a path through the ice from the spot where Mayor Anthony A. Williams's black Lincoln Navigator would soon park to the front door of Judyann Hansen's townhouse.

Not one other patch of pavement in the grim housing project just off North Capitol Street NW had been salted or cleared.
Call me cynical, and, well you'd be right. But that right thurr seems to sum up Tony's feelings about his poorer constituents. And helps explain why there's a recall effort on.

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