Meta Posts are Wiz-eek

Well, posting twice in two hours on Tuesday was an error. I am, temporarily, totally out of ideas. So let's meta-post* this, ya'll.

Today's Washington Post featured a picture of Cape Cod. Ah, home. I'd like to announce that I'll be taking another trip to the Cape in early-May. I need a guest blogger. I would offer it to Schuyler since he did a fantastic job last July filling in for me, but he lives in Detroit now and is therefore disqualified.

So who wants to write for Why I Hate DC between April 30 and May 4? I would expect something around three or four posts. It's easy! I'm not a very talented writer and I'm getting by ok. Just be funny. And sort of mean-spirited towards journalists.

Obviously applicants get bonus points if I know them or am familiar with their writing. My first choice is frequent commenter HRH King Friday XIII. Of course I have no way to contact him other than through this post, so, yeah. After that it's a free-for-all. Surely someone wants a chance to write about the problems they have with the city. There must be grievances that I'm ignoring. This is your chance to complain to an audience of dozens. Maybe even an audience of scores if you can get Wonkette to link to you.

Seriously, there's no better feeling than taking a slight Metro inconvenience and turning it into 900 words of pure hate-filled bile. Let's share the hate together. For a week. E-mail me for your shot.

Again, I apologize for the super-weak post. Sorry if this got your RSS feeds all aflutter.

*I think I invented a verb!


  1. this is gonna be sweeeeeeet

  2. yournamehereApril 06, 2007

    I second HRH King Friday's nomination.

  3. What about me? I've been posting on here forever- tons of different topics, different personalities at time, different takes on Rusty, DC, and life in general. In fact, you can find me on any blog, on anytime, except for a few where they've blocked me for no reason!

    I mean, I'm Anonymous- no one's a better blogger than me!!

  4. I agree about King Friday. He comments on my blog and I always enjoy what he has to say.

  5. It couldn't get my RSS feed all aflutter since you still DON'T HAVE A FUCKING RSS FEED FOR THIS SITE!

  6. Rusty, here's a story you may find DC-worthy to blog about(though maybe it should be addressed by someone in Wyoming): http://neworleans.metblogs.com/archives/2007/04/too_easy.phtml

    Seems like you and this Richard could be friends.

  7. Everytime I post I get a ton of extra hits. Isn't that was RSS feeds do?

    Try this:


  8. I have an idea. What if everyone submitted to you their favorite D.C. story, one that truly epitomizes what it is like to live in this shithole. Then, you can post one of these stories for each day you're gone. That way, a whole bunch of people would get to contribute. AND, i'm sure we'd have a lot of hilarious stories. I mean, I can think of 5 or 6 stories off the top of my head that are hilarious and unique to D.C. Anyone else agree?

  9. Rusty,

    Ask Krystal Koons to write your blog. Check out her incredibly annoying video at the Koons website.


    Does she not epitomize all that is wrong with the DC area?

  10. I second Krystal Koons' nomination and ask for the yeas and nays.

  11. Awwww. Thanks Rusty. You've touched my heart like a catholic priest does an altar boy's genitals.
    I suppose I could take a cract at guest blogging. I must warn you that this will be like Leno filling in for Carson. My lame one-liners are no match for your witty humor. I'll email you if you're still looking.

    -HRH King Friday XIII
    Blogger is being a bitch and won't log me in.

  12. Wow. It worked. Apparently I'm not as proficient at RSS as I thought. Thanks Rusty.

    -the guy that complained about the RSS feed above

  13. I second HRH King Friday the 13th

  14. i can blog for ya if you want! misssalma.blogspot.com