More Local History Gone

Eastern Market burned down this morning. Fortunately nobody was injured, but the vendors are totally screwed. Fenty promises to relocate as many as possible, but come on, where’s the guy who sells beaded jewelry going to go? Georgetown? The new baseball stadium?

Why, God, why did it have to be Eastern Market and not 18th Street?


  1. The 18th St. traffic would be so good if we burned those clubs down!

  2. just think of how much fun those citizen town halls about rebuilding are going to be. nothing like a room of over-educated residents (lawyers) to mentally masturbate for hours and one-up each other about building codes and "historical integrity." Have at it! The Market will be back. It was an integral part of their property value.

  3. this is so completely heartbreaking. you say you hate this place, but that was one of the completely unhatable spots in this city. Mostly because most of the asshat transplants hadn't found it.

  4. Without the market, it's just another ghetto. Those overpriced rowhouses just got a little bit more "cozy".

    The Eastern Market lovefest makes me sick. The mayor should visit San Francisco. Now...that's a market...

  5. NO! That's one of my favorite places in D.C.! Damnit. Where are those businesses going to go? And where the hell am I going to buy decent produce now? Damnit, everything bad happens when I leave.

  6. I hate this city.
    I mean i really really hate nearly everything about it.
    Eastern Market was maybe the only bright spot.
    Was it the best market in the country?
    of course not.
    however this is DC, a festering boil on the ass of humanity, where the best becomes the worst.

  7. GAG. if eastern market is as good as the city can get then the whole damn city should burn. seriously the place wreaked. I always saw rats running around the place. And those businesses probably have insurance. WAAAAAAAH.

    Have you ever seen the National Gallery of Art or The Hirshorn? THAT is a treasure. Some rat infested stinky ghetto slum IS NOT.

  8. Well, a whole bunch of people lost their businesses last night. I hope you take some pleasure from that, you complete, total, 100 percent bastard.

  9. Eastern Market sucks .... FUCK OFF assholes, 18th is cool

  10. Well, at least we still have the Georgetown library...oh, never mind.

  11. well, at least we still have the florida ave market... oh, nevermind.

  12. Tvrrax the GreatApril 30, 2007

    When I first visited Eastern Market I asked my host "Where's the rest of it?"

    Really, DC, you can't even do markets right.

  13. "GAG. if eastern market is as good as the city can get then the whole damn city should burn."

    Now THERE is an idea that I can really get behind!

  14. The Girl Who Said "Gag"April 30, 2007

    Why thank you. And you know what---thousands of Iraqis have lost their businesses...and what about the people in NOLA? especially those still living in hovels?! HUH?! HUH!!! FUCK YOU FUCKTARD.

    I guarantee you 100% of them had insurance.

  15. Eastern Market is not the Library of Congress you imbicles. Get out more often.

  16. Insurance or not, vendors lost their key location… a “market” if you will. My zero years of business school tell me that’s a problem, especially if all you sell are novelty items. Eastern Market might not have been the best market, but now we have no market at all.

  17. "Why is that girl so sad?"

    "Her dad died."

    "Fuck her - I bet he had life insurance!"

    "YEAH, man, FUCK her!!!!"


  18. opuixtx the munificentApril 30, 2007

    - HRH King George III to General Robert Ross August 24, 1814,

  19. AnonymousMay 01, 2007

    Sad. i've been stuck in DC for 4 years, and for 2 of 'em, I worked near Eastern Market...nice place, nice people. Really made the city a bit more livable. It is always a tragedy to see beauty (or even mild nicety) destroyed. So sorry.

    - Lae

  20. AnonymousMay 01, 2007

    without "asshat transplants" this city would be nothing but one big housing project and a stream of MoCo and Fairfax people coming in to D.C. just for work. Fuck off.

  21. Yeah, and without asshat transplants, DC wouldn't be such a misanthrope's dream...I mean, what would I do with the lanyard wearers to hate on?

  22. AnonymousMay 01, 2007

    I'm a transplant and have never worn a lanyard in my life.

    Then again, I don't work on the Hill, shop at J. Crew, listen to Dave Matthews or drink Miller Lite. That could have something to do with it.

  23. AnonymousMay 01, 2007

    Without transplants, a lot of yous would still be living in your parents' houses in Jersey!


  24. The DingbatMay 01, 2007

    My Dad did die. And I did get the insurance money and it was AWESOME.


  25. "Then again, I don't work on the Hill, shop at J. Crew, listen to Dave Matthews or drink Miller Lite. That could have something to do with it."

    See, that lets you hate on both the lanyard wearers *and* all of us R*dsk**s fans (throw in the hundreds of thousands of Cowboys fans, too)...I tell ya, this town has something for every misanthrope!

  26. I vote Andalu for the 18th St. demolition.

    I always liked Eastern Market because it was something different..plus there is a really good place to go get breakfast nearby that I like.

    I actually started a "Robert Ross for President" campaign on the internet once.

    I think my body was possessed by demons the day I decided to move to this town. Thank God I'm moving where people are more relaxed, where the weather doesn't suck 95% of the year, and where men with any dignity do not wear pink belts with whales on them.

  27. AnonymousMay 02, 2007

    I haven't met anyone here from Jersey. But I didn't go to CU or UMD.