It would so perfect if this guy turned out to be a member of LNS...

Self-hating sellout editorials like this make a lot more sense when you realize it's the same paper that hired one Mr. Andres Martinez.

He's the editorialist who writes something really boring called, I swear, Stumped. And who has apparently been stalking a D.C. woman who somehow failed to understand how much of a "cruel whore" she was. So Martinez invented a false identity and emailed threats to her and her friends and her family for a few months.

The sickest part is that his resume made me so jealous. In D.C., being a prestigious SENIOR fellow with three degrees from three separate top schools (two ivies and Stanford!) is like if you were - to put it in real world terms - say, a starlet who stole Brad from Angie and then dumped him for George.

Oh wait. That's not the real world either. Dammit. *

Anyway. Everyone I know wants to be this guy - maybe minus the impending civil suit. Although now his career is as blown as... oh... I don't know... Bill O'Reilly's? We all know getting caught being a bizarro asshole could completely destroy your credibility in this town. **

Given his enthusiasm and talent for playing the victim, I suspect he'll be fine. Wounded but courageous in the face of this harpy's unaccountable refusal to continue sleeping with him, he'll carry on as a card-carrying member of the ruling class.

How much do you want to bet that the Post editorial page eventually, probably quite soon in fact, runs something like, "Why are women so dumb and MEAN that I have to PUNISH THEM?" (But it won't be sexist because they'll get a girl to write it).

* For the record, I am hinting here that our obsession with prestige is as stupid as L.A.'s celebrity culture. That is all. Thank you.

** See, this isn't true and I am being sarcastic again. You can TOTALLY get caught being mean to women who are single/whores/probably asking for it. You just can't get caught cheating on your WIFE because that is wrong.


  1. There are not a lot of hispanics on LNS, regardless of political affiliation. Sheesh.

  2. There might be a decent post somewhere in here, but way too poorly written.

  3. So... making fun of an angry man, who feels entitled to shit all over someone else, doesn't go over well on this board?

  4. Oh my God, how did I miss this! This is that red-headed trust-fund brat from Mexico who replaced Michael Kinsley on the Times' editorial page. If it weren't for blogs, we could probably get taken over by Canada and I wouldn't know until they ordered me oot of my house.

    Damn, that is a good resume. And yet here he is, 42 years old with children, in a flaming downward spiral. It's so ... prole. Get how he's even bringing his *kid* into this.

    What was he doing dating a publicist in the first place? And hanging out with Brian Grazer, for crying out loud. That's the problem with having rich kids in journalism -- they've got no loyalty to the culture. They've got no resistance to the rich, powerful and glamorous because they're already part of that sphere.

    Sort of reassuring to know that on the rare occasions they are toppled, the rich and privileged react every bit as poorly as the commoners to major loss. That's clearly what's happening -- he's destabilizing.

  5. Late Night Shots. It's a club in D.C. that's supposed to be for the "really powerful" but is really a bunch of recent southern grads who make a big deal about being snobby about minorities and fratty about women. Mostly a pose, but it caused a stir last year.

    On second thought, this guy wouldn't be in it. He's way too well-connected.

  6. Wow, this guy is a league apart in the self-absorbed nut department.
    Medio Bistro seems to be contending he sent them a letter pretending to be someone else, trying to pitch a story about what a slut this publicist is. (Imagine, a publicist who uses looks and charm to get ahead. Stop the presses!)

    I have never seen anything like this from someone anyone nearly this privileged and successful. I tried to feel sorry for him, but it's not like he lost his career or anything. He just had to go work for the Washington Post instead of parlaying his L.A. Times job into Hollywood grandeur. He has no excuse to unhinge like this.

  7. Oh, I see you already linked to the MediaBistro article.

    I predict that this guy will be stopping his column and taking a vacation for a while, whether he wishes to or not.

  8. I don't know about the vacation. I kind of doubt it would last long, if it even happens. The WaPo editorial page seems like exactly the kind of place where, "I was just so incensed by this young woman's behavior..." would go over quite well. Don't want to ruin a young man's promise, everyone makes mistakes (for months and months)... that sort of thing.

    Like I said, in this town, the only bad behavior toward a woman that seems to carry consequences is cheating on your wife.

  9. I'm also seriously puzzled by the name of his column. "Stumped?" Really?

  10. Liz, I'll bet you dinner it turns out much worse than that for him. This guy is completely inappropriate, to the point of delusionality. And it can't exactly bolster his stability to know everyone in the world knows of his depths of his indignity. Eveyone's got to be looking at him funny everywhere he goes.

    As for "Stumped," I think it's a riff on "stumping" in the political sense. Took me a little while, though.

  11. BTW, "Stumped" has one of the lamest graphics I've ever seen in a newspaper, and that's saying a lot. Three spools of thread unraveling from a head: An elephant, a donkey ... and a question mark. It's incomprehensible plus annoyingly busy.

    Is the head supposed to be his, or ours? He does seem to be unraveling, that's for sure.

  12. The idea goes over fine Liz, it was the stilted, confusing and outright miserable writing that didn't go over well.

    Like I said, there may be a decent post in there, but you murdered it.

  13. In his bio it says he is a Steelers fan. That's the problem. All people from Pittsburgh are sick and twisted.

  14. "This guy is completely inappropriate, to the point of delusionality"

    True, but I think this town has a pretty well established tradition of tolerating even extreme "eccentricity," when accompanied by prestige. If he'd attended Florida, yeah, maybe the Post would dump him. (Face it, though, if he were a gator I doubt he'd be working at the Post in the first place).

  15. "Like I said, there may be a decent post in there, but you murdered it."

    Very clearly put. Good job :)

  16. Anonymous is right. I had to read it three times to finally understand. It was worth it though.

  17. I hope you don't mean George W.

  18. Thank you dumbitdown, I don't know why Liz felt the need to call me an asshole.

    Oh well.

  19. Great post! I had no idea about this story; it's a DC concern; and that self-hating "I'm mortified to be a woman" crap was refreshing to have called out front and center.

    I liked the writing style, and did not find it confusing. My only complaint is that "LNS" could have been expanded or linked or tagged in the original post for us outsiders.

    Stilted writing is totally acceptable in a hater's blog; Anonymous might consider getting over it.

  20. What's confusing about "Stumped"? It's a play on words that refers to both "on the stump" (that means campaigning, Liz) and readers who ask him questions about things they don't have an answer to. They're stumped, like I'm stumped as to how a DC-based blogger would not understand such an obvious political allusion. But I'm sure that makes me an asshole in Liz's eyes, because she can't be criticized for anything.

  21. It's a stupid sounding name, and the nerdy connotations are what make it horrid.

    But thanks for serving as an example of the kind of ass this town attracts. "Stump, as in the CAMPAIGN..."

    Way to put me in my place.