Give This a Caption

So I was reading about Tom Daschle's problem with taxes, and couldn't help but notice his eyewear. Maybe he was stimulating local business over at BLINK on P Street. Since the "Sally Jesse Raphael called and wants her glasses back" joke has already been made, I thought I would one up EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE. With this travesty, of course. Good God this should not exist and I will most likely go to hell for creating it. But it's funny in a very disturbing way. So I present it to you, dear readers, and ask you to GIVE IT A CAPTION.

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  1. Maybe the IRS seized all his assets, including glasses, and he got those from a Lens Crafters dumpster?

  2. Check out these Matthew Lesko pics:



    Now we just need to get Daschle a question mark suit...

  3. I'll take your caption challenge!

    "Stephen Hawking + Jim Graham = sucky photoshop amalgamation = Tom Daschle is a sleeze bag (http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/02/01/daschle/index.html)"

  4. Oooh Lesko, I didn't think of that.

    Now if only our Health and Human Sevices secretary could really combine astrophysics with in your face civic experience.

  5. Who is that guy? George Kastanza... w/ the ladies' glasses?

  6. Well, I'm not sure which one you are asking about, M@.

    The guy second to the left (next to Hawking) is Jim Graham, (D-Ward 1) and Chair of WMATA Board!

  7. You hurt Daschle's feelings. Now he's withdrawing!

  8. Dave plus Badger King minus King Friday divided by Liz equals one frustrated Rusty.

  9. damn, someone beet me to the Lesko punch. which now that i say that, sounds like a deviant sexual act.

    also, i ran into Mathew Lesko on U st last summer. and yes, he was wearing the suit. hes really nice, and his wife was hilariously sarcastic and awesome.
    "no, another jerk has a closet full of question mark suits."