Escape from D.C.

Washington extends its ugly tentacles to ensare us and keep us from leaving town on Friday afternoons.

The weapon: a rush hour that begins at 3 p.m. and doesn't let up for hours. Anybody who's ever tried to get out of town on Friday in any direction has experienced it. (My favorite: I-85 south toward Stafford County. It takes about two hours to go maybe 30 miles.)

The quaint notion of leaving town after work on Friday and getting somewhere with the time and energy to do something, spending two full days on activities and returning Sunday night has virtually disappeared. Traffic has added at least an hour, and often much more, to trips that used to take two to three, added time that is enough to defeat the whole point of a quick, close vacation.
But why would you ever want to leave Washington at alllll? You should stayyyy. JOINnnnn USsssss. There is no escape!

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