Isn't there an audience?

Air America Radio, the liberal talk radio network, is not being carried in Washington. But you can pick up the streaming audio feed from its Portland affiliate.

It's a shame this isn't being broadcast here. A liberal radio network finally gets set up, gets some sardonic and funny people to host, and apparently there's not even enough bandwidth on the AM dial in Washington to carry them. I'm pretty sure the demand is there; at least, I really wanted to listen to the debut episode of the hilariously named "The O'Franken Factor," primarily because, if I want to listen to syndicated political discussion on D.C. radio, these are my choices:

Laura Ingraham
G. Gordon Liddy
Glenn Beck
Michael "You should get AIDS and die" Savage
Jim Bohannon
Michael Graham
Rush Limbaugh
Sean Hannity

So, yeah. The ones I recognize are all conservative. A lot. (What's worse: listening to Michael Savage, or listening to "Here Without You" by Three Doors Down for the umpteen zillionth fucking time? Tough call.)

You would think there might be an audience for a liberal talker here in politics central, but apparently it's not enough to overcome the bandwidth problem, for now.

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