Got Item!

Nintendo has put out a bookmark promoting its Gamecube party game, Mario Party 5. It reads:

"Taxes? Yawn. Foreign policy? Bigger Yawn. Forget politics and join the party with Mario Party 5. Over 60 mini-games make the party all fun and no politics. . . . Mario Party. Luigi for Vice President.
Oh, I am so on board with that! Of course, a Takoma Park Elementary parent who discovered the bookmark in possession of her daughter insists on being a party pooper (second item down):

Bethany Karn, whose daughter Sonya, 7, is a second-grader at the school, was not amused. "Aside from the annoyance of having still more advertising thrown at my children -- this time in the guise of an educational bookmark -- I found the message a little shocking," she told us. "But then again, I'm probably just one of the 'old people' who still think politics is important."
Shocking? Really? (Um, can seven-year-olds vote now?)

This is the absolute right message to be sending our children. Politics is crap (and, honestly, seems to consist mostly of seven-year-olds screaming at each other). Video games are awesome. Especially Mario Party. I mean, look at this:

Adorable! I'm switching my affiliation, post haste! Forthwith!