I feel justified

In a survey of cities by AOL Travel and Travel and Leisure called "America's Favorite Cities", Washington was ranked 25th by both visitors and residents in the People category.

That's 25th out of 25.

Ugly, unfriendly, and lacking style! BOO-YAH! It's the unpleasantness trifecta!

You can click the image for more info and other categories. Washington also finished last in the Romance category, but did finish first in Sightseeing because of all those monuments.

The thing is, though, that monuments just kind of sit there. They don't really serve any other function, or do anything for us. The Washington Monument is just a big phallic hunk of mismatched marble. Giant Abe Lincoln is never going to jump out of his chair and start fighting invading UFOs. (Unless the Robo-Lincolnization Act of 2016 makes it through Congress, as per my plans.)