Procrastination nation

Mleh. I've been tasked to write something called a software design document. I have a document that describes what I need to write. It's nine pages long. A similar software design document my company recently produced was 115 pages long.

My boss the project manager, a total ass, just gave me two weeks to write this one.

I can't even get started. It's one of those deals where I should be white-knuckled and starting on this thing, but I'm so jaded and bored that I can't even focus on it for more than five minutes.

But this is a good lesson for anyone working in the technology sector: never let them know you can write. You will be stuck with every boring fucking writing assignment that comes down the pike, and not actually get to work on any tech stuff. And, as you might expect, technical writing for the government is more tedious on a geometric scale (PDF) than writing for the private sector.

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