Kids, be like Alias: be a spy

Be sure to check out the CIA employment promotional spot starring TV's Alias, Jennifer Garner.

It's hilarious to me, primarly because I've seen several episodes of the show, and have determined that her character is the worst spy ever.

Not that I'm a spy as far as you know, but even I know that if you're working as a double agent, when you meet with your handler at a secret location and do that secret-talking-to-each-other thing, it's a bad idea to make eye contact with each other. And it's an even worse idea to exchange gifts.

Plus, I guarantee you working at the CIA is not as interesting as the show makes it out to be. You'll be having a bland lunch in the cafeteria, trying to memorize 1,000 acronyms, and wondering why your roommate hasn't been replaced with an evil clone yet.

Now, if they had gotten Alias' dad to do the spot, I might sign up. Um, that is, if I could pass a polygraph.

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