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I saw a Hummer driver filling his tank the other night in Fairfax as I pulled up to the pump next to him. He continued to fill his tank as I filled mine. And as I paid for mine. And as I drove off. I noticed he was up over $50 by then.

Really... is this kind of vehicle really necessary in an urban or suburban area? Or, for that matter, anywhere you can drive on roads (for example, the entire country)? How many times in your life are you really going to need a vehicle that does this:

Hummer goes swimming

I love the outdoors and everything, but I never once have wished I could drive through a stream in my car. (Ah, streams; they're nature's axle grease remover.)

I really can't think of any civilian applications for this vehicle, unless the Hummer has the ability to have Meeno Peluce drive it back in time and hook up with the Lewis and Clark expedition, to make their lives a little easier, maybe get poor Sacajawea off her feet.

As it is, without the time travel ability, the H2 weighs over four tons, gets 10 miles-per-gallon city and 12 highway, and holds a whopping 32 gallons of pure, precious gasoline.

In a completely unrelated story, everybody's in a panic today over rising gas prices due to OPEC cutting production.

(NOTE: To learn more about Lewis and Clark, take a voyage down to your local library. It's all in books!)

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