Uh-oh, somebody's been a-Googling!

It was bound to happen sooner or later. You may recall a young man named "Oba Opesanmi", who had this to say during the, ahem, "student gathering" following Maryland's ACC title win:

"I've never been to a riot before, and I wanted to get in on the action," said Oba Opesanmi, a freshman wearing only gym shorts and socks who had just posed triumphantly in front of the line of stern-faced police officers. "We killed Duke."
And then I said:

Somebody ship this kid off to Haiti. Please.
The implication being that, with all the political unrest and whatnot going on in Haiti, I'd like him to see him dropped in the middle of some of the real ultraviolence, rather than this fake-ass student riot, so that maybe he's not actively wishing for it.

Apparently, Mr. Oba used a high-tech Yahoo search to uncover all the web commentary about his quote in the paper. He posted this using the comment feature, although somehow not in the thread containing his quote. So while I don't know where the actual comment is in the blog, it is showing up in my little Haloscan master control program. His rebuttal as follows:

just wanted to let u know, that if u were any more ignorant, that the "riot" as u call it was merely just a friendly gathering of several students. no one was harmed, no one was arrested and no one got into trouble. plus, the newspaper misquoted me; i had on a t-shirt, shorts AND sneakers (suprised?) oh and one more thing: im not from haiti. do your homework! ignorant bigot.
All I can say is, OMG... WTF... LOL. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Maryland class of 2007.

Again, I don't know where to begin. The fact that this was merely a "friendly gathering" of students, despite the fact that police were suited up in riot gear? The idea that somehow the newspaper misquoted which clothes he was wearing? The fact that he thinks I think he's from Haiti?

Also, is it really that hard to type out all three letters in "you"? I'm sure he used the extra 1.7 seconds he saved doing that on something useful, like studying.

(Note to Oba: that's called "sarcasm.")

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