Can someone explain to me

...why a neighborhood in McLean would be so dead-set against a new youth soccer field?

McLean, was, like... made for soccer fields. It's the suburbiest suburb ever. This takes the NIMBY mentality to a whole new level. And the wacky suburbanites can't even adequately describe why they don't want the field there, except that it would be "noisy" (you know how those youth soccer hoodlums can be) as late as 10 p.m. (obviously well after bedtime).

Why is it nobody here wants to admit they live in a city, in which other people should occasionally be allowed to do fun-yet-noisy things in public during the day?

(Answer: because we all despise the mere presence of other people in our lives.)

Neighbors in Fairfax County often are allowed a detailed say in how nearby land is developed, particularly if it is publicly owned; just a few years ago, in the planning of another McLean park, neighbors stipulated that musical performances there be limited to non-amplified "5-string and/or woodwind instruments."
Oh, well, huzzah for that! I'm going to assume that Rev. John Lithgow had a say in that little ruling.

Boringest... major metropolitan area... ever.

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