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So we know who Deep Throat is now. It's kind of nice, to think back to a time when the Post's anonymous sources were actually useful and would tell the truth. Instead of, you know. Not.

And, of course, Nixon's cadre of goons have totally begged forgiveness for their actions, and don't blame Mr. Felt for what went down, and obviously I'm totally lying.

G. Gordon Liddy, one of the Watergate burglars, said Mr. Felt had "violated the ethics of law enforcement," while Pat Buchanan, a former speechwriter for Richard Nixon, called him a "traitor."
In other parts of the country, people can just laugh at these assholes and turn the page. A Watergate burglar saying that the whisteblower violated ethics? It would be hilarious if I didn't have to live in the Bizarro world of Washington, where not only are we expected to take this crap seriously, but we're also somehow expected to resist covering their houses in toilet paper. (In case you need directions, that's G. Gordon Liddy and Pat Buchanan.)

The real kicker for me was the President's press conference on Tuesday. This part really pissed me off:

Thalia asked about the Social Security issue, and I reminded her that the attitude is beginning to shift here in Washington, because for a while, people here said there really wasn't a significant problem and I wish he hadn't have brought it up. And now people are beginning to see the realities of Social Security, and the fact that we're about to pass on a huge burden to a young generation of Americans -- a burden, by the way, which doesn't have to be passed on.
Oh. So that's a burden. The Social Security. And not, I guess, the TWO TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT that you've rung up in just four years. Check it out!

Oh yeah! That's not going to be a problem! Let's see it again!

BRILLIANT! Way to FUCKING go! Economy sure looks good, when you pour $2,000,000,000,000 or so of phantom cash into it.

See, this is why I can't have children. America's currently in some kind of ghetto-rich denial phase, but it should be obvious from the graph that the future is shaping up to look exactly like it did in The Road Warrior. We'll all be wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland scavenging for precious gasoline, and Mel Gibson is in charge. No child of mine is growing up in a world like that.

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