Only the murderers and racists work efficiently

A headline you don't want to see: Safety Warnings Often Ignored at Metro. This is part of one of those great multi-part series the Post does from time to time that always winds up pissing someone off. I love 'em.

Congratulations, America: you spent $170 million on a "Virtual Case File" computer system for the FBI. Oh, and it, um... doesn't work. Isn't it funny how, whenever you watch a movie or TV show about the FBI or CIA, they always have this sleek, state-of-the-art, everything-is-a-flat-panel-monitor technology to help them catch bad guys? In real life, they're lucky if they're able to run Letter Invaders.

Meanwhile, here's some shooting deaths, because we always love those. Another teenager was gunned down last week. Ooh, and this guy's dead body was left on top of public playground equipment. How... creative.

And finally, suburban Maryland, apparently jealous of Virginia, is trying desperately to catch up in the racism department. Sorry, guys, but you'll never challenge the undisputed king of racism. Loving v. Virginia, bitch!

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