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Hey, remember North Korea? You know, that "axis of evil" member that actually does have nukes?

If you do, you may find it funny that a certain Rev. Moon is kinda sorta helping to prop up its government.

Throughout the 1990s, as Western observers predicted that the Kim dynasty that rules North Korea would collapse for lack of hard currency reserves, the Moon organization invested tens of millions of dollars, which apparently included payments made before U.S. sanctions eased in 1999.
Even funnier: a lot of the Moon front organizations that do business in North Korea are headquartered at a certain newspaper building, located where New York Avenue meets the lovely Anacostia River.

Oh well. Who could have possibly forseen that Congressional support for a crazy self-serving billionaire cult leader over all those years would lead down the road to trouble? I mean, just look at this face:

How could you not trust that face?

Plus, he talks to former presidents from beyond the grave all the time. Surely they'll set him straight on this whole "investing in our enemies" matter.

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