I hate being called a liar

Only way someone said "nigger" and "nigger-ball" in Fairfax, VA is if you went to a Klan bar. I don't think so.
Ammo & Appliance | 06.07.05 - 4:53 pm | #

I'm calling BULLSHIT on this story.
Guns N' Rosenthal | 06.07.05 - 4:51 pm | #

I don't always think James F. is the most honest person in the world...
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Where did this come from? I'm a liar now? I can stand being called a lot of things (I pretty much have to), but dishonest ain't one of 'em.

Listen closely and carefully, Internet. I DON'T LIE. When I write about something that I say happened to me, it really happened.

Do I occasionally engage in hyperbole for the sake of humor? Duh. And nobody's ever going to accuse me of being fair and balanced (I mean the real kind). I don't care; that's not what this blog is for.

Bottom line: I don't need to make up reasons why I hate D.C. The real reasons are infuriating enough.

But fine. If you want to focus on me and not certain other, more-important people in Washington who clearly are liars, whatevs. (Maybe the fact that we can't trust the people in charge to be honest with us makes us suspiscious of everyone else.)

Blah. Telling the truth and being called a liar... that makes me flash back to the time I almost went to work for the National Security Agency, until the polygraph administrator decided to dick around with me. Not good times.

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