Bethesda: Catch the Fever!

I've now been living in the great suburb of Bethesda, Maryland for 20 whole days. And let me tell you, it has been a blast. Between a landlord who hates gays and Muslims and his orders for me to turn my computer off before I leave the house everyday, I am really enjoying myself.

(Unanswered question: How did you know, Mr. Landlord, that my computer was on? If I ever catch you in my room I will stab you in your sleep. I am not afraid to set up trip wire to catch you, you hick fuck.)

So, yeah, wooo Bethesda. But, to be fair, I still really don't know the area very well. Apparently there is a place called Wheaton nearby. I should check that out someday.

This past weekend I did a little bit of exploring in Downtown Bethesda. It marked the first time I used the Montgomery County bussing system. And let me tell you, it was a pleasure. The busses came on time. I know! Isn't that weird!? It was such a pleasant surprise to not see my bus being 30 minutes late with two other busses on the same line directly behind it.

And the busses were clean! And the drivers were polite! And why can't Washington, DC approach the top-notch job that the Montgomery busses are doing?

If only Montgomery County had its own subway line. That would be sweet.


  1. Dude, Bethesda is pretty much awesome. You're in my neck of the woods now--I'm a Silver Spring..ian? -er? Whatever. Anyway, supposedly Silver Spring is the new Bethesda, and it's pretty cool lately, so you should check it out.

    I hope you were kidding about checking out Wheaton, by the way. I have no idea why anyone would ever want to do that.

  2. That's where the nearest bus line goes. I hear they have a Target, so I'll go whenever I need some designer shower curtains.

  3. Helpful Hint #2556 from Grammar Mary:
    Busses are kisses.
    Buses are what you ride on.

    Even carpool lanes signs sometimes spell it wrong. But don't put yourself in the same camp as highway workers, mmkay?

  4. Bethesda has its moments of brilliance, but I can tell by your honey moon-ing over it (and your decision to walk your way out of NW into MD) that you do not have a car. If you did, you'd already know one of the things that's wrong with Bethesda: parking. The overabundance of yuppie wannabes (myself included) would be number 2 -- but you probably don't ge to see a lot of them if you ride the bus.

  5. Dear Grammar Mary,

    "1. bus·ses ( P ) Pronunciation Key (bsz)
    A plural of bus."

    Buss my ass.


  6. Rusty...i'm in DT Bethesda...own a car, but never drive...everything outside of DT bethesda is podunk, just move to DT bethesda...Silver Spring is still trash...Montgomery county has done all it wanted with it...it's much better than just a few yrs ago, but that's it...Mont cty council has decided to revitalize DT Bethesda's "triangle" area with incentives for developers and business owners, they want an additional 1600 residential units in that area (bout 1/4 of DT bethesda), and want DT Bethesda to be the urban center of Mont Cnty....fuck everywhere else and spend ur $$ in DT beth...

    btw, plenty of parking in DT bethesda...free too, just find it...local-yocals here have no concept of having to walk a few block....lazy hill-billies...

    oh, just noticed ur MC subway comment... the Metro IS NOT a subway...it's a commuter rail, whoever thinks it's a "subway" needs to get their ass kicked...5 lines?! HA! joke...closes at midnight? HA! insult...escalators? HA! stairs are quicker.....just be happy there is a rail of some existence in this shit-box area...

    fuck you very much, have a nice day...

  7. Dude, catch your landlord in the act of snooping around your place:


    Or if you're a mac user:


    I use it at my place and it's GREAT. Watch the maintenance guys come in and change your air filters. W00t!

  8. "Unanswered question: How did you know, Mr. Landlord, that my computer was on?"

    That was the first thing that popped into my head when I read your first paragraph. Get him to out his request in writing and file a suit for invasion of privacy.

    Anyway Bethesda is nice. Don't bother with Wheaton. You may like Rockville a little more and you can head back towards your favorite city DC because they have a few stores and restaurants on Wisconsin Ave that aren't too bad.