Lyndon LaRouche's newspaper has more credibility than The Washington Times

I, despite my liberal tendencies, hate DailyKos. Hate Hate Hate. I read their junk because sometimes I just can't help myself. They're no better than Michelle Malkin or PowerLine (both of whom will be receiving e-Valentines from me in the near future).

And I read Kos's junk because, sometimes, they do my DC-hating for me.

Indeed, Kos caught The Washington Times plagarizing! Good work!

I hate how some Republicans will stubbornly read the Moonie Times because of the Post's "liberal bias." I'll deal with the "bias" in exchange for real journalism thank you very much.

Incidentally, the plagarizer is former Wonkette guest-blogger Eric Pfeiffer. Damn you, Gawker Media! If I can't trust your bloggers, who can I trust? Does Ana Marie Cox even exist!? Answer me!

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  1. Is that plagiarizing or just sloppy reporting.

    I certainly understand your concern, I just don't see it as plagiarizing - he attributed a quote by KOS and by Lott to Kos and to Lott. Sure, he didn't conduct the interview, but he never said he did.

    I'm not defending the shoddy reporting, just wondering if there is some other description for it other than plagiarizing?