I vote for Washington Gentrifiers

I hate the way DC has handled this baseball situation, but it's more of a nagging hatred. I reserve my extreme hatred for Major League Baseball. MLB always seems motivated by pure greed, but they can be as incompetent as the best of them ("them" probably being the WMATA).

Greedy=extorting $611M from DC taxpayers. (And I know it's a business tax. Fine. Why can't we have a business tax that benefits all the undereducated in Anacostia? I've heard the schools there are kind of rough. I wouldn't know since I am too scared to even set foot there.)

Incompetence= THIS

Finally some good news to come out of this baseball fiasco: That Washington Nationals shirt you bought last April could be worth a lot of money soon.


  1. Rusty...just found out bout ur blog...good work, i think...
    fuck ppl in Anacostia...let them jack each other, and then DC will revitalize after they all burn down their homes...hmm, sounds like the Bronx to me, now the BX is a much better place...

    btw...what do u expect with DC and baseball, when the the local NFL team has a derogatory and insulting name....should it be changed to Washington Spear Chuckers?

  2. That a pretty shitty attitude to have seeing as the majority of people in Anacostia are as scared of the asshole and dealers as anyone else. They just want to go to work, come home and play with their kids and sleep without being scared that a stray bullet will hit their kid while they're in bed. What a loser.

    I like the original post. Hell yes those schools could use that money. If you give a kid a good foundation who knows what they could accomplish?