INS1PID: The Series Returns!

For all you new readers, the INS1PID series chronicles the most obnoxious vanity plates that D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have to offer.

Today's license plate comes from Virginia but was seen in Maryland right by the Naval Hospital. For an extra fee, Virginia drivers can put an American flag on the right side of their plates. It's very patriotic and if you don't choose to spend the extra money, you are a Communist.

Anyways, I saw the following on one of the flag plates: FLY OUR. Very clever. "FLY OUR" and then a picture of an American flag.

Anyone want to guess what kind of car I saw this plate on? Anyone? Come on, guess!



A HUMMER. One of the big ones too. Well, Hummer-driving patriot, I dedicate this to you:

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  1. Virginia is the worst state when it comes to vanity plates because they barely cost anything. However, sometimes they can get creative. Like if you're a UVA grad, you can get the "V" put on the left hand side of the plate. I saw one guy in Charlottesville with this option who'd chosen "AGINA" as his vanity. Clever. But for every clever reference to the female anatomy, there are about ten "RKR BMW"s out there. That's real. Her initials are RKR, and she was given a BMW for her 16th birthday.