See that title? Let me paste it again: transatlanticism.


Apparently DCeiver and DCist won't print the password to today's Cribs/Death Cab for Cutie/Franz Ferdinand pre-sale. Well, there it is:


I do not see what the big deal is here. DCeiver claims:

These pre-sales are always drama for me because of the gaggle of dipshits who resent people other than their friends finding out from DCist that they can buy tickets. I frequently pass this info on to DCist because their elitist arguments give me headaches.

Oh. For Christ's sake. "Drama"? Get over yourself.

"Pass the info on to DCist"? Like DCist doesn't already have that information. I am sure a blog dedicated to Washington, DC has an editor or contributor on the 9:30 Club mailing list. It's not like DCeiver has an inside source at the Daughters of the American Revolution doling out insider information.***

Here's a new rule: If there is information that I can get with literally zero effort, let's not treat it like it's the secret to the Lost numbers.

Also, if people actually get upset about "casual" fans learning a password to an Internet pre-sale, just eat a dick already. There's nothing I can say to you that will make you change or make me feel better. Just go into a hole and die and leave me alone.

The Death Cab/Franz show looks like it may be fun. The opportunity to achieve funness should be disseminated to the masses; especially in a boring city like DC.

Have fun at the pre-sale, kids. This one will sell-out quickly.

***Incidentally, I like DCeiver's blog. I'm not trying to start a blog war or anything. I would cherish the opportunity to share a drink and watch Lost with him. I check his site everyday hoping for an update. He's actually earned his relatively high readership. I got lucky with an essay contest.

I just can't believe people are acting like this over an Internet pre-sale. For the love of Pete.

UPDATE: So, naturally, it turns out that DCeiver actually works for DCist. He is the editor/contributor that is on the 9:30 mailing list and he is the one responsible for passing along passwords. Moral of the story: I'm an asshole. Sorry. Rookie mistake.

Although using the word "drama" because of an Internet pre-sale is still funny to me. And the people who actually get riled up over casual fans getting tickets should still be dead in holes.

UPDATE #2: I still refuse to call this "drama" because no one should allow an Internet pre-sale to turn into some weird Internet fight, but, lo and behold, DCist was hit with quite a few angry hipster comments. I can't believe people are getting this worked up about, and I can't stress this enough, AN INTERNET PRE-SALE.

So, the entire point of my original post is half-wrong (sorry again, DCeiver), but I found an entire new population of people to really despise. I hope Death Cab breaks up immediately after the show so that these crybabies ("Waaaaa! I didn't get a ticket yet and I liked Death Cab before the OC! Waaaah!") never again get the opportunity to see them play live.

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  1. I think drama is a fair way to describe it. There are a lot of folks in comments who don't seem to like it when passwords get released. Actually, though, the reason we don't release pw's anymore is that we got contacted by the 9:30 club management, who kindly asked us not to.

    Personally, I think all of this is pretty stupid. It's like early-admission status for college -- just another marketing tool to whip people into a frenzy. If these presales were actually meant for "true fans", it would be very easy to generate a unique password for each email, ensuring that only those already on the list could participate. Instead they make it a single, pronounceable (i.e. easily-traded) password. It's just to drum up publicity.