I have Internet: HOLLA!

So, after six days and six nights in the wilderness of Bethesda, I have finally purchased a "wireless card" that has hooked me up to the "Internet." I'm "online," as the kids would say.

I've been thinking about my new place and how it pertains to my level of DC-hatred. And despite the fact that I'm saving a bundle of money, I would have to say that my DC-hatred level is clearly reaching red alert.

First, this isn't the fun Bethesda. It's North Bethesda. I'm 2 miles from anything that could be called fun. I have to walk a mile up Rockville Pike, past the Naval Hospital's "Great Chode in the Sky," just to get to the Medical Center Metro stop. Getting to a bar or a museum or anything fun means at least 2 miles of walking. And how much fun is walking down the Pike drunk on a Friday night? Zero units of fun.

And, the roommates. What can be said of a landlord who said this of a potential Muslim tenant:

"When he saw that American flag on the wall, he knew he wasn't welcome here."

Wow. Wowwowwow. That is insane. There's also this:

Me: "What did you do on your vacation?"
Landlord: "I shot some deer."

So, there is probably a gun somewhere in my house. I can't wait to get drunk and find it!

That being said, the landlord has been nothing but super-duper nice to me. So, for now, I am going to shrug off any uncouth thing that comes out of his purty lil' mouth.

On the opposite side of the hatred-spectrum, Wonkette reported that there was a camel loose on the block where I work. If that happened everyday in DC, I would be significantly less hateful. I'd still hate it though.

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