Valentine's Day!

It's a special day. A romantic day. So I sent my one and only a sweet Valentine's Day e-card. (Clicking on that link will show you the card.) Who is my "one and only"? Why, none other than author, commentator, blogger, and overall hottie, Michelle Malkin! Here's the message I attached:

Mrs. Malkin,

A Valentine's Day sentiment for my favorite conservative commentator and fellow Montgomery County resident!


I was supposed to write "P.S. Let's get martinis sometime," but I forgot. So I kind of ruined the best part of the card. And now I want a martini.

Let it be noted how much I hate Valentine's Day. If I'm single, which is almost always, it makes me miserable. If I am not single (rare), I find myself forced to spend my hard-earned money on things like candy, flowers, etc. And these gifts are required. I get a girl flowers on August 14th, I get an "advance one free base" card. On February 14th, I get in trouble for not spending as much money as her friend's boyfriend or something ridiculous like that.

But it does means one month until a real holiday: St. Patty's Day. My liver quivers in anticipation.

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