DC minorities getting poorer.

The Washington Post reported on Monday that parts of DC are seeing increases in unemployment while other parts of the city have a declining joblessness rate. They even came up with a nifty little chart/graph thingy to illustrate the problem. The tan wards represent goodness while the salmon pink denotes badness.

Guess which parts of DC all the black people live in.

Full disclosure: I am white. However, if I were black, or any other minority, this shit would piss me off immensely.

I can't really blame DC for this, but it's certainly nice to live in a city where the racial disparities can be summed up in a two-color map.

UPDATE: Someone left a comment saying it doesn't matter what race you are, this is everyone's problem. I agree. I didn't make that clear. My bad.

This map makes me angry. If I were on the other side of the racial spectrum though, it would make me irate. This city is one of the few "minority-majority" cities in the country, and we can't take care of our own. That's such an embarassing problem. And, as this map shows, the problem is getting worse. It's unacceptable. DC will always be a second-rate city until people can survive east of the Capitol without dealing with crime, joblessness, etc.

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  1. So if you're white you don't care? We should all be pissed about this--it's bad for everyone.