Bracket Busted

So, the NCAA tournament brackets were announced last night leaving many with a bad case of the March Madness.

I would just like to take the time to express my delight that Maryland was not chosen to be a part of the 65-team tournament. Really, thank God. Now, if Maryland wins the NIT (for all those not in the know, that's the tournament for shitty teams), will there be a riot? One would certainly expect it from the boorish behavior of Terrapin fans in years past.

Anyways, the point of this post isn't to mock Maryland. It's to beg my way into an office pool. My office is very, very small. And, unfortunately, most of my friends aren't really that into sports. (This is what happens when your university's most successful sport is, ugh, soccer.) In order to sustain my gambling addiction, I need to find someone willing to accept my money and my bracket. So, if you need another person for your pool, I'm here and I have PayPal. Also, to sweeten the deal, I have never won a NCAA-bracket pool. I am easy money/ fresh fish.

Seriously, anyone?

UPDATE: I am in a pool with a bunch of Senate staffers. Man, the Internet rules.


  1. I hope you lose a lot of money.

    -Chandra Levy

  2. There will def be a riot. UMDers, with their "dry" campus and sad lack bars, really enjoy rioting probably more than anything else in the world. One time I almost lost my vision due to a drunk frat boy throwing a vodka bottle into an open fire. Memories...

  3. Damn, you're hot Irina.

  4. dry campus? i assume you mean dry as in it doesn't rain that much? sure wasn't dry when i went there(just a couple of years ago)....

    side note to rusty. hating on MD because you never got to enjoy REAL college sports is kind of beat don't you think?

  5. I hate on MD since their fans act like bufoons and because some MD students/grads shafted me on housing (please see my post on this from late-January).

    It's a fairly unreasonable hatred.

  6. I have to say, a hatred of UMD basketball fans was the only thing James and I agreed on. They're a total embarrassment. AND GW OWNS THEM! BWAHAHAHA!

    Actually, I'm thinking we're about to have a really good era for local hoops. Back in the 80's you had your pick between Georgetown and UMD. Now with G'town and GW back in the mix, you can have your choice again....

    Oh, yeah, I forgot -- according to Rusty this is a lousy sports city. Worse than Milwaukee or LA or something. :)



  7. yes, it's a flattering photo. i can do magic when i'm stoned!

  8. GW is pretty awesome, best year int he history of their school resulted in a trip to the round of 32. Pop the Andre on that one!