Free Food!

First, the bad news. I was checking my e-mail and 930.com every friggin' day for information on the April 3rd Yeah Yeah Yeahs show. Every. Day. When are tickets going on sale? Will there be a presale? What's the deal?

The deal is I checked today, 22 hours after my last check, and the tickets were good and sold out. I have no idea when they went on sale. But that sucks. Fuckin' hipsters. And fuckin' scalpers too. A cursory check of eBay and Craigslist proved that the available tickets went to vultures.

So, if you want to be my friend, get me a ticket at face value (I don't even know what face value was. $30?).

Of course, it's hard to be angry when things have been going my way for the most part. Today I just caught my Montgomery County bus. That was quickly followed by just catching a Red Line train. So wait time during morning commute: zero minutes.

Ah, it gets better. What was waiting for me at the top of the Dupont escalator? Free Breakfast Cookies! I got stuck with oatmeal raisin (I'm an apple cinnamon man), but whatever. Free food!

The cookies weren't bad either. Very high in fiber, which was a blessing. My last bowel movement, let me tell you, was an ordeal.

It should be noted that Quaker Oats, the fine company behind these cookies, has not compensated me for talking about their product. It also should be noted that I will change this blog to www.dcisawesome.blogspot.com if I get bribed with free cookies everyday.


  1. You know, James would have tripped over his own shoelaces or choked himself on the cookies, then blamed DC for being a loser.


  2. They had those cookies in Philly too.